Earth and Bone

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Im so lucky that i get to work for this lady! Shes the best lady!

I’m actually like this [-]  close to making an appt at your shop! I had no idea you worked at Buju! :)

You definitely should! I got one of my tattoos done there. You would love the shop decor too.

Please do!! :D
Im so lucky that i get to work for this lady! Shes the best lady!

Anonymous asked: Are you a hipster?

Obviously. Am i a young adult? Obviously.

Anonymous asked: Your herkimer diamonds are super cool :) I find tons of them in my yard and at our local mine. They're great to work with, its exciting to see you using them.

You are very lucky! If you’re ever interested in trading? i would love to! I cant get enough of these lil pretties. They calm me down. Going to incorporate them with my skull necklaces. :)

Got to tattoo this today! :) just the outline but ill post it when its done.
Hey loves, ill be working on new skulls with herkimer diamonds on them. Im excited. Updates soon!

This is Sam, shes a sweet lil feral cat that lives outside of our house. She’ll smash her cute head into your leg and bite you two minutes later. She sends the strangest mixed signals and loves male hoomans more than female. Shes adorable.

Anonymous asked: Would you ever consider getting your tongue split? You'd kill it!

I was supposed to do it with my sister, but then she did the thing where you get pregnant and give birth to an adorable baby boy. He’s 6 now. Hahaha im not sure if i want to deal with the pain and im paranoid. Ever since ive been getting tattooed a lot/putting myself through pain i noticed my lymph nodes in my neck have stayed swollen like how they get when you’re sick. So im trying to space out/reduce what i do to my body. Give it a bit more time to heal itself in between tattoos and avoid major modifications. I feel like if you dissect one of my lymph nodes, you’ll be able to see the colors of the rainbow haha but i appreciate the ask. I have considered it in the past a lot, i even had my tongue pierced at a 00 to get the process going, only to have a heavy craving for fries big time two days later and take out the barbell hahaha

Anonymous asked: Hey, what made you get Satan's sigil tattooed on your hand?

lucifer’s sigil* Personal reasons.

What i meant by fresh. :) no worries, no pain!

Anonymous asked: ahh hey, if this isn't too prying, could we possible see a photo of your ears now that they've been sewn up and could you talk about the technicalities a little bit? I've never seen that before on anyone and I've always avoided stretching my ears because I'm worried that sewing them up won't help much if I ever need to close them... if you're not cool with talking about it, it's totally fine! I'm glad you're happy with your decision, and I hope things heal quickly~

I wont post a picture of my lobes currently because they’re a bit… fresh…. I will post them healed though. Good before and afters for ya. The best advice i can give for sewing up ears is pursue the most experienced person in your area. Ask around. Go with people who are known for the good job they do. Do your studying.

A picture of my workin’ hands on my workin’ desk. Always burning the candle at both ends….

Anonymous asked: just curious, why are you getting your ears sewn up? do you not like them being stretched anymore?

Honestly after 13 years ive grown tired of seeing beautiful 18g earrings that i cant wear without my big floppy earlobe looking weird or being in pain from pressure points caused by the small gauge. Little kids dont even see me they see my earlobe dangling first and people ask the same questions all the time about them. Im tired of having the same exact conversation weekly if not daily. Im not going to be a jerk and avoid educating someone if they are curious. I have trouble blatantly ignoring peoples innocent curious questions. I just dont want to give people the reason to ask about them. Im a very awkward person when it comes to casual conversation and it gives me anxiety then stress. I just dont have the time and energy to explain that it doesn’t hurt or it didnt hurt or how i got them like that or if they’ll close up on their own etc. its painful explaining the answers and ive turned into an automated robot answering these questions. But most of all, they arent a reflection of the person i am now. Somewhere along my path i separated from the look and when i picture myself in my head i don’t see me having stretched ears. Theyre sewn up now and it feels right. I am happy.

Anonymous asked: Can we see your hand tattoos? I just love hand tattoos so much!

Yes! I will take some photos tonight of them for you. :)

Anonymous asked: Omg my succulents look pitiful I'm the worst plant owner ever please tell me ur secret(*_*)

Lots of sun!!! Lots and lots of light. They thrive in around 3-4hours direct/bright sunlight. With a light watering every 2-4 days with soil drainage. That way the soil is moist but on the dry end and there is no root rot. If you’re a person who likes to baby plants, succulents will die haha id recommend baby tears or air plants. They need water, moderate light and misting everyday. Just think of it this way succulents are at the 5/8th point, on a scale between tropical plants and cactuses, being closer to cactuses from a caring standpoint. If that makes sense. It took me a while to figure this out. They dont like to be bothered much. :)