Earth and Bone

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This weekend was a super hard weekend because my little brothers birthday and memorial was on sunday. He would have been 25. Im so grateful to have these ladies in my life who have been there for me in this hard time. This weekend they gave this numb feeling of extreme heartbreak i have, a bit of a spark even if its just for a few moments. Not pictured is my mom. We all went on a hike through a thick part of the rocky mountain woods to a breath of fresh air. I love you ladies and im so grateful i met you. You are the light in my life right now and forever to come.

Anonymous asked: hi! i was wondering what you would price 5 lb slabs of amethyst if the crystals are large and undamaged!! i am thinking of making an etsy since i have access to an amethyst mine and i am short on money but i don't know anything about selling raw crystals

Wow!!!! Youre so lucky!!! Well, amethyst is sought after by a lot of people because of the purple color. I was looking at a fair to poor quality shard, about the size of a thumb, the other day at a local shop that wanted 6 dollars for it and i was debating getting it because that beautiful purple color. I would determine what you charge for your amethyst by the amount of labor you put into harvesting it. People also desire crystals that are mined by hand by a single person rather than from sketchy sources so you have to factor that in too. I’ll pay top dollar for fair trade crystals. Also if the points are flawless then thats a big plus since crystals are damaged a lot of time from the mining itself then from coming in contact with other crystals. So with that being said id say maybe around 200$ or even more!!Or you could reference others pricing to see what feels fair. is a lovely lady who builds amazing curio displays for minerals and sells minerals as well. I think what she charges is fair especially with the kind of passion she puts into her work. I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, id love to answer them!! :)

Anonymous asked: Where do you get stones and crystals from? I have such a hard time finding them ><

Mineral shows, local stores, online. Someone said black market minerals .com? (Ive never used it but it looks decent)In a post similar to this. Im currently studying up on how to find my own! :)

I may get into making some rings!!  Made this ring sized 6&#160;1/4. Tiny mouse skull with a herkimer diamond set into the back of the skull. What do ya think? :)

Black quartz pendents!

I had some requests for more black quartz pendents and i have good news! I have a few in the works! Stay tuned! :)

Rabbit Skull. Sold before i could list it.

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Putting things in storenvy starting….. Now!

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry about your loss. I asked the question because I was curious about your Lucifer Sigil tattoo and if you might be Luciferian or something. Do you mind if I ask why you got the tattoo?

Its mainly for personal reasons, past experiences, lucifer being on my left hand like the left handed path and the other sigil for the right handed path though i do believe good and evil are one in the same like my left and right and belong to me and i am one. Some other reasons, aiding in magickal workings and whatnot. Luciferianism is somewhere along the lines of what the sigil represents to me, in the non theistic sense, i find it interesting but i do not know too much about it to claim it. Perhaps i should read more into it….? Sorry if it seems i am rambling.

Anonymous asked: Do you know any good online websites where i can get crystals? I'm 17 and found out about it not so long ago and became very interested. Now really feel like buying some :)

i usually wait till the gem fair is in town or i go to metaphysical shops, they have decent priced crystals depending on how nu age they are. Or you can look up local rockhounding sites near you and go out collecting crystals on your own. Which is always exciting and worth the search, especially when you’re out hiking in nature. Things always carry stronger energy when you find them on your own, or when they find you. :) hope that helps! Oh and ebay has stuff but you gotta be careful when buying from ebay.